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Health Benefits of Kakadu Plum

Health Benefits of Kakadu Plum



Matcha Elixir combines organic matcha with Australia’s star superfood performer, Kakadu Plum. This power packed combination really does bring you the best of the best when it comes to nutrient and antioxidant-rich supplement drinks.

Wanting to create a cold tea blend that was all about bringing together natures most potent ingredients, the team at Skinny Green Co couldn’t go past one of Australia’s oldest and most sought after natural remedies, the Kakadu Plum.

Used for over millennia by the Aboriginal people in boosting energy and quenching thirst, it’s more than proven itself when it comes to the health benefits it promotes.


“The native Australian Kakadu Plum has the highest recorded levels of Vitamin C of any fruit in the world, measuring up to 100 times the Vitamin C content found in an orange.”


Some of the many health benefits of Kakadu Plum are due to its amazingly high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C rich foods, such as Kakadu Plums, play a crucial role in keeping your immune system, bones, teeth and gums strong and healthy. It is also a great player in the anti-aging arena as well as helping to improve the body’s capability in absorbing iron. Vitamin C may also stimulate detoxification of existing histamine in the body as well as having allergy-fighting properties in its ability to prevent histamine release.

In addition to Kakadu Plums health benefits associated with high levels of vitamin C, the Kakadu Plum is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants being the big buzzword going around, and why not, antioxidant is probably the biggest player when it comes to helping our body detoxify and cleanse itself.



Health Benefits

The key health benefits of Kakadu plums include the following:

• Boosting the immune system

• Preventing acne and pimples

• Treating cardiovascular disease

• Improving the appearance of the skin

• Weight loss

• Promoting digestion

• Reducing wrinkles

• Hair care

• Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

• Lowering risk of cancer


Health benefits of Kakadu Plum